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Improve Your Landscape With Retaining Walls

Retaining walls form a major portion of your outdoor landscape. From holding the soil back to balancing water runoff, retaining walls are the unsung heroes of landscaping. The funny part is, you may not even realize you need one until you do.

At ProGreen Landscaping and Pavers, we take our retaining wall installs very seriously so you don’t have to. Our landscapers with decades of experience realize that it is the small things that count when it comes to building an outdoor that the neighbours can be envious of which is why we are committed to creating the best value for every dollar you invest.

But how do you know if you need a retaining wall or not? Simple. Just ask us. As a rule of thumb, if your house is situated on a downhill foundation, it’s crucial to have a retaining wall but for others, we would be happy to stop by and size your requirement.

Retaining Walls Built to Last

The blocks we use are industry-leading 6”x12” blocks that are the best in quality and longevity. Our single-faced or double-faced decorative blocks are completely customizable based on your design, preference, and elevation needs so you can bring your ideas to life without being limited to the mundane.

Reach out to us today and book a consultation for free to know more.

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