French Drain Boxes


Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Does your backyard pool with water every time there is a heavy downpour? We know exactly how to fix your problem. All you need is our french drain box.

Having a tastefully decorated backyard is any homeowner’s dream. But it can turn into a real menace during those few months of heavy downpour, especially if your yard is not well connected to the drains. Water stagnates in the yard, causing damage to your landscaping and your plants, the seeping water gradually weakens the foundation of your house and whatnot.

At ProGreen Landscaping and Pavers, our team of professional landscapers knows exactly what goes into maintaining the gorgeous landscapes around your home. So presenting to you our french drain boxes. 

What is so special about that, you ask? These french drain boxes are integrated into a drainage system that is designed to suit the needs of your property. Unlike your usual drainage lines that allow the stream to enter from one end, french drains have perforations throughout the entire length to let the water in, thus keeping the yards fresh and the customers happy.

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Depending upon the situation in question, the run-off stream is diverted to a dry well, a low-lying area, a drainage ditch, or the street.

Our team is dedicated to rendering you an excellent service using the best quality of materials while working around your budget. We inspect the size of your lawn and the scale of your drainage issues to offer you the best possible deal. 

So what are you waiting for? Call us now, and have your existing drainage checked out by our landscaping and drainage experts.

Because let’s face it, there’s only one kind of pool we would like to have in our yard.

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