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Custom Fire Pits

What if you could have a family dinner, a romantic escapade or, just a couple of beers with your friends in the comfort of your outdoor space? Well, look no further because our firepits are perfect for the job.

From wood-burning firepits to the ones powered by natural gas or propane, we offer a range of options to choose from. While most companies dwell in the generic variety, we offer complete customization with a plethora of firepits available in all shapes and sizes. 

Get our standard 36’ diameter and 18-24’ high firepits and redefine the aesthetics of your outdoors into a place straight out of paradise.

And if you are looking for something bigger, smaller, or more eccentric, we can help with that as well. Our landscapers with decades of experience will assess your property, discuss with you, and design a firepit that fits you best.

Florida’s Leading Fire Pit Installer

We use the best tools and equipment that money can buy. Our team ensures that we deliver on your requirements without making a mess and burning a hole in your pocket.

Reach out to us and transform the way your property looks today.

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